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Create Partnerships

Create Partnerships

Create Partnerships

Timberplay Scotland are proud to be a member of the Create Partnerships group. We are a unique portfolio of high quality brands for the outdoor environment. Although operating as autonomous, self-determined businesses, all companies share the same philosophy for delivering high quality products with superior customer service.

Want to find out more about the Create Partnerships?

If you want to find out more about the Create Partnerships contact visit createpartnerships.co.uk or email info@createpartnerships.com.

What companies are part of the Create Partnerships?

Established in 2000, Timberplay were the formative member of Create Partnerships. Over recent years several companies have joined the portfolio, all reflecting similar values to Timberplay. These include Timberplay Scotland, Timberplay Ireland, specialists in school play, Playgarden, street furniture, All Urban and multi-use games area’s Lightmain, more information regarding individual brands or the Create Partnerships portfolio can be found here.

various Timbeplay illustrations