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Timberplay Scotland Nominated For Best Public Place

Timberplay Scotland Nominated For Best Public Place

24 Jun 2024


Last month, Union Terrace Gardens was shortlisted for the Best Public Place Award as part of The Pineapple Awards 2024. 

Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen has been a much loved, functional public space since 1879 so when Timberplay Scotland were chosen to collaborate on the refurbishment in 2022 we were thrilled! 

As part of the uplift, Timberplay Scotland installed a brand new playspace and some of our sensory kit and, without being biased, the park looks great! 

We want to extend our congratulations to all our collaborators on the project including: Aberdeen City Council, LDA Design, Stallan Brand, Arup and Balfour Beauty. 

We would also like to say a massive congratulations to our sister company, Timberplay, who won the Best Public Place Award with the Pounds Park project in Sheffield. This project was part of an initiative to transform a disused area of central Sheffield into a beating 'Heart of The City'. The playground accompanied by water play and dancing chimes gives the area a new vibrant feel.